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THE INTERNET PUBLICIST: Since 2007, The First & Original: Testimonials

A few Testimonials ....

"Linda Albu has been my Internet Publicist/Websites Manager/Editor/Admin Officer/Moderator for all my sites since November 2007. She networks, markets and promotes my music and sites with tremendously successful results. 

She's extremely dedicated, reliable, insightful and knowledgeable in troubleshooting and creative in ways in order to take charge and quickly resolve potential problems. Linda effectively and professionally prioritises tasks when taking control of a myriad of site issues. She's also excellent in taking the lead when multi-tasking. 

Linda has also increased my fan and customer base 100%+ within my various websites, and within a very short time. She is also extremely adept in recognizing and networking potential business contacts in the music, film, TV and Radio world that are beneficial to my business growth. All this has freed up my time tremendously so that I can concentrate on other areas of my business, one of which is to continually create and produce more of my own songs. 

I highly recommend Linda Albu to anyone who is seeking positive and professional growth for their company."

~Bryant Sterling: Singer/Songwriter on ReverbNation Music

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"Linda Albu is more than an Internet Publicist and Websites Manager. She is smart, bright and has a huge passion for your job and everything she does, like anyone. I really must to say that is a pleasure and I am honor-loving to have her contact. Success and Keep in touch."

~Genilson Barbosa, Brazil: Técnico de laboratório



"Linda Albu's title at Bob Pedler Real Estate was Sales Representative (Realtor). We enjoyed her tenure here and found her to be hard working with a positive attitude and dedicated to getting the job done. Her pleasant personality makes her a joy to deal with. I am sure these attributes are being carried forward in her current position as Internet Publicist. I wish her continued success."

~Bob Pedler: Owner of Record, Broker - Bob Pedler Real Estate Limited @



"Linda Albu is a tireless worker.  She knows how to use all posting tools can connect multiple networks for her clients so as to expeditiously promote her clients to all music oriented and social network sites. Linda directs her clients to personal contacts in the music industry, scans venues for gigs radio interviews, Benefits etc. She accesses the sites where her clients will have the most impact. Although many request her services she doesn't spread her self thin for the sake of fees. One of the the things I liked about working with her is that regardless of how busy she may be she responds quickly to her Emails. I like working with her on a consulting basis. I see her get measurable and obvious results with her clients."

~William Servideo: Creative Director at Servideo Broadcasting Group


"Linda Albu is an honest and efficient organizer who gives attention to detail and serves others with sincerity and reliability. I would recommend her services to anyone."

~Val John Jennings: Wellness Coach



"Here at INNOVATION DIGITAL OF AMERICA, our staff loves working on launching important new projects with Linda because of her vast experience and knowledge in media publicity and communication.  Continued success Linda & God bless. Warmest regards." ~Multi-Grammy Award Winner: Trade Martin

~Trade and Antoinette, ab Martin Digital @


"Hi there Linda.  I love your posts and you always keep us up to date with the TV Radio news over different parts of the world. Your music page is great. Thanks for giving me a stand on your publicity pages. You give your all, and are a trusted lady. Good luck for 2015. Regards,

~Don Crown aka The Budgieman" @



"If you are looking for an honest, hard working internet publicist,  stop wasting time and talk to Linda Albu right now. She will help you grow your business in so many ways you will be writing about her on the next referral."

~Marcelo Grion: Feature Film Producer, Director, Screen Writer @ IMDb Profile and THE PROTOTYPE 2015 Official MovieTeaser/Trailer.


"Linda Albu promoted the release of three of my audio-plays to her large audience. She came up with unique ideas for each one of them and shared her publicity techniques with me.  I not only got lots of exposure for my projects, but learned a lot from Linda about how internet and Facebook publicity work. I'll be using Linda's expertise on my future projects because she makes it all efficient and fun."

~Paul Kyriazi: Hollywood Director, Screen Writer, Producer @



I have known Linda Albu for several years. She is a hard working, honest lady who has a heart of gold. She is great at giving artists good advice on their careers, and steering them on the right path. Linda has a lot of experience in the music industry spanning over the years that she can share with her clients. If you want someone who is honest and actually knows about this business to help you with your career, I suggest talking with Linda Albu. ~Larry Rust: Singer, Songwriter - Former Keyboardist/Vocalist with Iron Butterfly (1999-2005) - #RIPLarryRust, dear Friend, Brother and Colleague (2016)



"Linda Albu (The Internet Publicist) has been a great help to me in establishing myself as an animator and musician on the internet. She set up Facebook pages, Twitter, ReverbNation, and linked them all together so they work as an "update machine." She has saved me a lot of time and trouble because she understands how social media and networking go together. She cares about your welfare and success and this allows you to spend more time creating instead of promoting."

~Randy Stahla: Musician, Animator, Poet @   and ReverbNation Music




The Internet Publicist (Linda Albu)






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From: "The Voice That Can Do It All - No Hype, Just FACT" -(Billboard Magazine)



I've Been Thinking...Album by Bryant Sterling



"The Voice That Can Do It All - no hype, just Fact" is how BILLBOARD Magazine describes Bryant Sterling, the 2009 VH-1 Songwriting Award Winner.


Bryant Sterling's moving tribute to people struggling in these tough economic times, “Times Are Hard”, was inspired by Sterling’s own humble and tumultuous beginnings.   A rocker with a unique and soulful voice, Sterling wanted to express his concern for the current difficult situations many people now face.  In an interview with the artist, he bares his soul detailing his early and difficult childhood.



Here is a short interview that I did with Bryant recently that explains his life, thoughts and feelings.....


Question:  Where did you grow up?

Bryant: In an orphanage called “Jolly Home”, south of Atlanta, Georgia.  It was a Southern Plantation converted to an orphanage. 


Question: What made you realize that music was your path?


Bryant: Growing up in the orphanage was a very hard life.  We were never allowed to listen to any other kind of music other than Christian songs on Sundays.  I was nine months old when my parents left me at this orphanage.  Twelve years of my life and for over 100 refusals by my biological parents to let me be adopted, I had no exposure to the outside world or to music.  Just a lot of very hard, cruel people. 


When I was 12 years old, my mother married for a second time to a physically abusive man and decided to take my sisters and myself out of the orphanage.  When I got out of the orphanage, I finally got to hear the radio with Rock n Roll music for the first time!  Although I loved what I heard, I made my own KRYSTAL radio. 


I tuned into a radio station that only played black artists’ music.  I literally fell in love with the sound and identified with it.  I later came to understand that it was called Soul Music, and I listened to nothing else.  I then knew what I wanted to do in life. 


I ran away from home and my abusive stepfather to pursue my dream of singing.  I related to the Soul Music sound because we, the children of the orphanage, were treated like the black slaves that lived and worked there 100 years before us.  I only sang the old Gospel Spirituals while we worked the fields and tended the farm animals for food products. 


When I emerged to the outside world I was as mean as the water moccasins that were in the swamps surrounding the orphanage – meaning they attacked without being provoked.  Music became my therapeutic outlet.  Soul Music allowed me to sing my heart out and express my soul and pain. 


Question: How would you describe the music that you typically create? 


Bryant: It is a compilation of many styles and genres of music that I’ve worked and sang through the years (Rock, Soul, Southern Rock, Country, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, R&B, Southern Gospel, Christian Rock). 


Question: Who are your biggest musical influences? 

Bryant: All the Soul Greats from Otis Redding, James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Stevie Wonder, Sam and Dave, Percy Sledge and Aretha Franklin.


Question: What makes your music unique? 


Bryant: Me and My Life. 


Question: Has there been one moment in your musical career that you are most proud of? 


Bryant: Yes – as a boy I listened to Stevie Wonder music and then in 1993 I was sitting right next to him on his piano bench in his recording studio, working on songs together at 4 o’clock in the morning! 


Question: What’s next for you? 


Bryant: No one can know what’s next in this life.  But I hope I will be able to continue working and growing in my music.




# # #







From a 'Who's Who' in the Music Industry:  Mr. Shelly Liebowitz“Bryant is one of those great introspective singer/songwriters who takes the audience on a journey of emotions, speaking from personal experiences."