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Michael Corby: Founder, Guitarist, Keyboardist of The Baby's rock group (1973-8)

Legendary rocker: Michael 'Mike' Corby was the Founder, Guitarist, Keyboardist of the British rock band: "The Babys" from 1973-1978.  Along with Adrian Millar (RIP 2006), who helped him develop and build Michael's 'dream band', he successfully invented and negotiated the world's First Major Record Deal: $11,000.00 (British pounds sterling) with Chrysalis Records on May 4th, 1976. (Please refer to Michael's Note on this fact, with supporting public document at his only Official Michael Corby: Fan & Music Site titled: "IT WAS 40 YEARS AGO TODAY (4th May, 1976)".

The enigma about this fact is that Michael Corby never received one cent in Royalties from Chrysalis Records to this date (now being May1st, 2016.)

The Babys were on the verge of World stardom - and had, by August 1978 - received huge recognition and status in the Music Industry in Hollywood, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and the World.  Their songs are heard on major rock radio stations around the world today. 

Another enigma is this: When Corby left the band, so did the original sound - it left with him. Because many say this: Michael Corby WAS the sound of The Babys.  I tend to agree, because I also noticed this loss, as in "Whatever happened to The Babys?", well, The 1st Baby had left the house! 

Through a succession of incredibly shocking and underhanded 'events', Michael Corby was illegally ousted (incredibly, yes) from his own band, by Chrysalis Records in August 1978. 

We won't get into the 'politics' of that matter here, but rest assured, it's all revealed at Mike's Official Facebook Fan & Music Site, where I have created and manage it for Mr. Corby, and which is fully endorsed by him.

I have the utmost of respect and admiration for Mr. Michael Corby for revealing the Truth and being brutally honest about his life and times with The Babys.  I wish nothing less than my very best for him.

Come join in the fun, mischief, Truth - Michael Corby stops in now and then, to chat with his Followers/Fans. Feel free to comment and interact with him and the discussions.  There are many Notes directly from Mike himself, about his time in his former band, The Babys (Michael Corby is not to be confused with having anything to do with the present-day Babys band, other than a few of them were in the original band that Michael created and owned in the '70's.)   Michael has many more Notes and thoughts to share, as we prepare to release them to the World. 


Linda Albu (THE INTERNET PUBLICIST ™) for Michael Corby (May 2016)