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YOU MAKE ME FEEL (Mighty Real)

(Patton Leatha Band)
December 31, 2015
Featuring: Mikelle Morgan (Vocals), Jaee Logan (Producer, Vocals, Keyboards), Duane Patton (Vocals), Ivan Johnson

WHAT ABOUT LOVE? (Rock/Pop/Soul - Old School Style)

(BRYANT STERLING aka "The Sound Of Sterling")
Singer, Songwriter , Producer

ON A WING AND A PRAYER (Symphonic Rock Opera sung in Irish Tenor)

All instruments arranged and played by: ALEX CAMPBELL; Lyrics / Melody Line / Title / Concept / Storyline written and Sung by: BRYANT STERLING

Yesterday Today Tomorrow (New Classic Rock)

SHARLAY (Old School Rock/Soul)

(BRYANT STERLING (formerly Denis Lee Bryant))
Singer, Songwriter, Producer

GOODBYE OLD COUNTRY ROAD (Southern Country Rock)

Music 4 The People (Funk/R&B)

(Patton Leatha Band)
September 13, 2013
Jaee Logan, Duane Patton, Mikelle Morgan

The Magic Of Her Touch (Southern Country Rock-Honky Tonk)

A PAGE FROM TIME (Acoustic Southern Rock)

Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Producer

ALL THE by Robert 'Des' Desmond Band

SOUTHERN LIFE - Title Song (Southern Country Rock)

(BRYANT STERLING (formerly Denis Bryant))
Singer, Songwriter ASCAP, Musician, Producer

WINK (New Classic Rock)

GLASS DAWN (Instrumental - Animated Music Video)

Animated Video Producer, Musician & Poet

Detroit Rock and Roll (New Classic)

NO WORDS (Soulful Pop Rock - Old School)

LEAP OF FAITH!! - Title Song (Inspirational 'Old School' Rock)

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist with SRI Records

GOLD (R & B-Funk)

(Patton Leatha Band)
October 20, 2013
Jaee Logan, Duane Patton, Mikelle Morgan

J.E.S.U.S.O.S. (Christian Inspirational 'Old School' Rock)

WATCHING OVER ME (Inspirational 'Old School' Rock Ballad)

IT WAS YOU! (Inspirational 'Old School' Rock)

WHY CAN'T A MAN BE A MAN? (Inspirational 'Old School' Rock Ballad)

A FALLEN ANGEL'S TEARS (Inspirational Soft Rock Ballad)

HOLY GROUND (Inspirational 'Old School' Rock)

IF YOU STAND FOR JESUS (Inspirational 'Old School' Rock)

GIVE ME BACK AMERICA (Southern 'Old School' Rock)

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