SPIKE! Animated Video Story is now uploaded at Facebook Fan Page!



"SPIKE!" Stands for: "Supreme Policies and Integrated Knowledge of Everyone" ... a scary thought... "SPIKE!" is ready for us but are WE ready for "SPIKE!" ?












Copyright 2015 by: Randy Stahla

Animated Video Producer, Musician & Poet

IS THIS WHAT THE WORLD IS TURNING INTO?  "SPIKE" stands for "Supreme Policies and Integrated Knowledge of Everyone".

The ultimate Command - Call Center knows Everything about Everyone, and they control all property and everyone's lives.  This 'system' renders it impossible for the Homeless people to get help.

This Animated Music Video Story is dedicated to the Homeless and their plight - the ones who are at the mercy of 'red tape' and an impersonal data base.





Copyright 2015 by: Randy Stahla


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