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THE INTERNET PUBLICIST: Since 2007, The First & Original: Official Website

The Internet Publicist & Websites Manager

Since client projects require extensive research, preparation & are permanent once published onto the internet, All Fees Are To Be Paid Up Front Before Work Begins.

 No Refunds. Clients May Cancel at Any Time and Resume Services Upon a Mutually Written Agreement. 



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* Phone Line Is Strictly Monitored & Recorded for Quality Assurance Purposes *

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How did I become THE INTERNET PUBLICIST ™ ?  Since January, 2007 and with Necessity being the Mother of Invention, I have been approached by many Music Artists, Actors, Film Makers, Radio & TV professionals, Writers to help manage, promote and grow their careers.  I possess various schooling and a working background in Mass Media & Communications, Radio News Reporting, TV & Film Production and Fine Arts.  Add extensive experience and training in Real Estate in both Canada and the USA, plus high involvement in community activism.  All have helped me to understand and foresee client needs while employing ethical, effective, strong organizational communications, networking, marketing strategies and skills.



One of LinkedIn's 2012 "Top 10% Most Viewed Profiles"!






Since January 2007, I have been working daily for seasoned artists as well as for serious, aspiring artists  - maintaining their visibility by dramatically expanding Local, National and International Internet Presence.  Up until then, there were literally no 'internet publicists' of any kind working the internet.  That is how I became 'THE INTERNET PUBLICIST ™', which prompted me to start my Facebook Fan Page then this website and subsequently more Fan pages, Groups and other sites on behalf of my clients and their Worldwide Fans.







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Often Imitated, Never Duplicated *

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"I Found That Niche - Or Rather, That Niche Found Me" my brief way to describe this phenomenon.  I also realised that many of our skills we 'think' disappear from earlier years only remain 'dormant' until we, something or someone wonderful, helps us reawaken and encourage their regrowth.  Then, that is when we discover these 'old skills' really can 'morph' into ideas that truly become New Realities.





TIMES ARE HARD (Rock/Soul) A LIVE performance from my WORLD CLASS STAR Client and Business Partner - BRYANT STERLING TELLS IT LIKE IT IS....Americana Mainstream Rock/Soul style!  This song won a prestigious VH-1 Songwriting Award (2009).  Bryant's musical career has included working with dozens of The Top Artists in the music industry.  He uses own Unique Enigmatic and Versatile brand of masterful songwriting and singing skills using many styles of genres.  Truly he is one THE most gifted and sensational artists ever known (and will be remembered) and who is always making incredible new songs!

I Executive Produced the following version of "Times Are Hard" in 2014: Video Produced and Edited by: Brandon W. Prather........





Bryant Sterling @ ReverbNation Music!







Frijid Pink, LLC is a Gold Album ('House of the Rising Sun') award winning band from Detroit, USA.  Their legendary songs ROCK US top to bottom, inside and out!  Frijid Pink is a big part of that 'Detroit Rock Sound' we have come to know well and love.  They have shared the stage with many GREATS and are still making FABulous new songs!  Take a peek as they performed their new song 'WINK' (Honkytonk Rock) LIVE recently at the terrestrial, legendary JEFF LAMB Radio Show's studio below ....


Frijid Pink: \\\\\ Rick Zeithaml (lead guitar/vocals), Chuck Mangus (keyboards/harmonica/vocals), Ricky Houke (lead guitar/vocals), Brent Austin (bass guitar/vocals/frontman), Rick Stevers (drums/band owner) /////




An animated music video that I Executive Produced and Directed with Frijid Pink, Randy Stahla (Animated Video Producer/Musician/Poet) and Riley Connell (Sound Engineer) featuring the band's NEW HIT Song: "State Line Boogie" (Rock) ....






~~ These AND MORE Sensational World Class Artists and Bands can be seen and heard at my Music Manager's Page -- EVERY one of them will be long remembered in the History of Music archives.... Please "LIKE" and "SHARE" their TOP Songs, Pages and Music Videos to help support them and bring their music to the world with me ~~







 In order to Be Considered as your Publicist and/or Manager - You, your Band, Film Company or otherwise MUST have ALL of the following components ACTIVELY IN PLACE before proceeding:


1 -- Active Recording, Film/Acting &/or Writing Contract

2 -- CD, Film Demo Reel, and/or Manuscript

3 -- Extensive Fan Base + Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and YouTube accounts

4 -- You have read and understood all procedures that are outlined in this website and other links provided. 

5 -- NO derogatory, violent, offensive, profane or pornographic material will be accepted.  There are NO exceptions to these rules.


Then, E-Mail #'s 1, 2 & 3 above to: 




 Fees are to be Paid Up Front @


PayPal Busines E-Mail (Button is located at Top of this page).




 NOTE: Once our agreed upon payment has been received into my PayPal Business Account, services will begin.  





A basic list of what I do is Detailed at my Facebook Fan Page For Artists:  Creative and innovative Networking, Executive Video Production/Directing, Correspondence, Set-up and running all aspects of websites management, Troubleshooting, Promotions, Moderating, Ghost Writing, Editing, Blogging, Group/Fan Pages, Music & Video uploads and much more, depending upon the artists' needs. 

I offer a 1 Hour pre-set Confidential Telephone OR Skype Consultation ($100 USD Fee to be paid up front to my PayPal account), followed by my written Action Proposal (Basic $150 USD Hourly Fee also to be paid up front), if we decide to proceed in working together.  Flexible terms with no refunds issued.  The Client may cancel at any time, and may resume our agreement later, depending upon (their) needs.  Since every Client Artist's needs vary, we will decide on fees structures once a 'meeting of our minds' occurs.

 ~ Artists: Message Me Here To set up your Initial one (1) Hour preset Confidential phone or Skype Consult.

** Click LINKS AT LEFT.  Please note that I choose Quality over quantity and in due respect to the current and past Artist Clients I Officially Represent.

Now, to help expand and enhance your International Internet Presence ....



  (The Original) THE INTERNET PUBLICIST ™ & Websites Manager, since 2007




~ Highlights from a few of the outstanding Artist Clients I Currently Represent:

 Personal Publicist, Business Partner (OASiS RECORDS INTERNATIONAL) & Sites Manager:

BRYANT STERLING (aka Denis Lee Bryant)

~~ Mainstream Americana Rock, Soul, Pop, Christian Rock, Southern Rock - All Done Bryant Style! ~~

   Bryant Sterling is an incredibly VERSATILE,talented 2009 VH-1 Songwriting Award Winner ('Times Are Hard' is also LIVE on YouTube), who writes, sings and produces all of his songs. I am grateful to say that I am directly responsible for bringing Bryant and his recent musical career affiliates together, along with personally connecting him and SRI Records from 2011 - 2012.

HEAR and WATCH Bryant right here at my website AND then BUY his CDs/Songs at ReverbNation today!




NEW!! 2018 Publicist/Facebook Fan Page Manager/PR:


Paul Kyriazi - Hollywood Author, Screen Writer, Director, Producer -- Audio Books/Novels/Novellas: 'The Mexican Swimmer', 'McKnight's Memory'... both on Amazon/Kindle!

And Now: 'Forbidden Power' movie (Action/Thriller), Written and Directed by Paul Kyriazi (2018)on Amazon has the world mesmerized!

A ground breaking, compelling Novel-Brought-To-Life with Mr. Kyriazi's incredible talents as Director, his outstanding Cast/Crew.  Filmed at Victory Studios.  Copyright 2018 #PaulKyriazi. All Rights Reserved.

Paul Kyriazi is well known for Directing: 'Omega Cop' starring Adam West, The ORIGINAL TV SERIES STAR CHARACTER: 'BATMAN', and his work with countless legendary celebrities such as: Robert Culp, Gary Lockwood, Harry Mok (Forbidden Power movie 2018) and many more.




Publicist & Sites Manager:

Frijid Pink - Detroit's Legendary Heavy Rock, New Classic, Boogie N Blues Heroes! Watch their NEW Music Video which I Produced & Directed: STATE LINE BOOGIE!




 Publicist & Sites Manager:

RANDY STAHLA - Extremely Talented Animator, Musician & Poet of his breathtaking Music and Animated Music Videos (Alternative/Electronic/Celtic) on YouTube.



Publicist & Sites Manager:

WELCOME: The Legendary Bluesman - J Dustin 'Dusty' Sommers, who has recently Joined my Prestigious Artist Roster - Dusty is well known in Music Industry circles and from his many Fans throughout his career for his Steel Slide Acoustic Guitar music skills (including but now limited to: touring with The Rolling Stones for a year!) -- 




~~ There are several ongoing projects to be announced soon. - Check back here for Updates on exciting Featured Artists! ~~


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